Help for school leavers

Have you left school  and are lost of what to do next, university tuition fees are not very appealing either at this particular moment? Or perhaps you are close to finishing school and are unsure of the future and whether your grades will take you far? Worry no longer! There are plenty of career paths to choose from  no matter what your circumstance. Having done a bit of research we have picked out the Top 5 that sometimes seem unrealistic, of many opportunities out there.

#1 Air Traffic Control

You’d work with pilots, helping accurately take off and land their aircraft safely. This may sound like a job that would put you under a lot of pressure, after all, you would have the safety of potentially thousands of passengers in your hands each day. For what more you’d be responsible of is gaining the ability to recognise weather changes and you’ll be expected ti offer advice on heigh, speed and course of planes which are under your control.

All this being said, working as an air craft controller after leaving school, you’ll be looking at an outstanding annual salary of £80,000 if not more. No degree is needed, only at least 5 GCSEs (A-C) or S Grades (1-3), and have completed a period of higher education, which would mean a minimum of two A-levels or an advanced GNVQ. Nothing else what is under your control is required, but you do have to be between 18 and 30 years of age when you apply.

#2 Games Tester

Playing video games is a hobby of yours? That’s the only ‘qualification’ major game companies ask for, no formal qualification you need. Get paid for something that you enjoy voluntarily doing anyway!

Your job will be to play before the game is released over and over again, looking out for bugs and mistakes that need to be dealt with before the game can meet the public eye. Your opinion on different aspects of the game will be a vital part of the production process. You will make a somewhat living from game testing rather than having a small extra income, as the salaries start at $14,000 – £15,000. But if passion takes you far, you could go on to making games, or even designing – a creative designer can comment a salary of up to £100,000.

#3 Firefighter

If you can show that you ca  work in a team, are encouraged and work well under pressure and are community minded, you’re half way there. You don’t need any sort of higher education to save lives in this as personality and attitude is key. As long as you’re over 18 you have every opportunity as a firefighter.

You’ll need to pass a medical and eye assessment, and of course, your level of fitness has to meet the nature of the job. If you are enthusiastic and strong, you can save lives and take home  starving salary of £2o,000 , increasing to £40,ooo should you make it to the station manager.

#4 Police Detective

With little or no qualification having just left school and education, you could be solving serious crimes, from fraud to murder. To become a detective you first need to get a job in the police force where recruitment isn’t based on academic achievement. After completing a two-year probationary period you’ll be ready for the selection process.

Yes, it’s competitive but possible! And in the end it will be worth for the staring annual salary of £25,000 , increasing up to £50,000 for an experienced detective inspector.

#5 Holiday Rep

Just after leaving school, you could be jetting off to sunnier places without a single qualification to your name. If you want to be a holiday rep it’s personality and experience handing customers that will bag you the job. You’ll get to live abroad, earn a living out of keeping people entertained, make loads of new friends and party hard with holiday-makers when you knock-off.

Although you won’t make much more than £500 a month, it’s likely to stretch further abroad and you can bump up your earnings making commission on selling trips


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