What we do?

https://littlelocaljobs.co.uk Job search website, why it is different than other job search engines in the market? Because it is the very first in United Kingdom which provides jobs for people aged from 14 to 21! Why Little Local Jobs? Because all of us has those “little jobs” that needs to be done some how, but there is no such employment agencies who could provide us reliable staff for a day or two to mind our pet while we are on holiday. We all know how much we are looking to spend by taking our dog to private kannel for a week or two.To do shopping for a pensioner, there is so many elderly people strugguling by doing own sweekly shooping. To clean windows or a van for a neighbour.We all have busy neighbour who owns dirty van, why not to charge him 5£ for cleaning it and I am shure he will come back to you next week asking to help again. To help with spring cleaning to a single mum, and endless list to name all of the little jobs

Job Decisions

locally. Most important is that this website will help to young people gain experience, while they are still studying and local people who are struggling to get things done on time. Didn’t mentioned small businesses too! On busy times we would prefer temporary staff and usualy busy times on school holidays. So, my pleasure to introduce to you www.LittleLocalJobs.co.uk